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In July 2011, to hold a memorial service for many victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and mark the launch of the reconstruction of the Tohoku region, a festival called “Tohoku Rokkon Festival” began to tour six cities in the Tohoku prefectures: starting from Sendai and finishing in Aomori last year. Our joint six-year efforts for the reconstruction of Tohoku have united people in the region. However, we are still only halfway to recovery. Therefore, to make strides forward for the revitalization and future of Tohoku, here we launch a new festival.

- Concept for New Festival -

Passionate kizuna bonds unite diverse Tohoku.

Emiko Okuyama
Chair, Tohoku Kizuna Festival Steering Committee Mayor of Sendai City

The experience of being deprived of so much by the Great East Japan Earthquake has made us realize the most important thing that keeps shining no matter what happens: the diverse traditional cultures in the Tohoku region. At the moment when Tohoku’s representative six festivals gather together, the people’s passion creates bonds, or kizuna, which unite Tohoku. For children, watching people connected by kizuna bonds will plant seeds of love and pride for their hometown in their minds. The seeds will produce large flowers, rooted in the soil of tradition. This will eventually lead to the cultivation of Tohoku’s future. Meanwhile, Tohoku’s kizuna bonds with the world, which have been nurtured through the reconstruction process, will be further strengthened and extended, serving as a source for creating Tohoku’s prosperous future. The Japanese word “kizuna” will be globally recognized as a term for people around the world to connect and communicate with each other. Connected with kizuna bonds, Tohoku will continue to advance toward the future in an integrated manner.



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