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East Japan Railway Company East Japan Railway Company
Special Tohoku Souvenir Collections

JR East will sell sweets, sake, and ekiben (railway boxed meals) unique to Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture and other areas in the Tohoku region.

Original products developed with local producers and manufacturers will also be sold. They include “Sendai Kinako Series,” a sweet made from soybeans produced only in the Nobiru area, Higashi Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture; and “Yamagata La France Galette,” a sweet made using La France pears produced in Takahata Town, Yamagata Prefecture; as well as sake named “Sendai Eki Masamune,” “Aizu Akabei no Osake,” and “Salute.” We hope that you will find the charms of the Tohoku region through the “Tohoku Kizuna Matsuri Special Bento,” a boxed meal featuring local foodstuffs from the six prefectures of the Tohoku region, as well as popular ekiben of Miyagi Prefecture and other areas.


- Sendai Kinako Crunch 285 yen/three-pack; 570 yen/six-pack; 950 yen/10-pack
- Yamagata La France Galette 1,188 yen/seven-pack
- Miyagi Bento 980 yen/pc

* All prices include tax.

East Nippon Expressway Company Limited East Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Enjoy learning good driving manners for expressways

The booth of NEXCO East will exhibit a patrol car from the Traffic Management Patrol Squad, which strives to ensure the safety and security of expressways 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Children can try on the Traffic Management Patrol Squad uniform and have a souvenir photo taken on a miniature patrol car (see photo).

NEXCO East’s advertising characters—“Mannerty,” who works to improve traffic manners, and “Michinoko Happy-kun,” who disseminates the charms of the Tohoku region—will appear at the booth! Visitors can interact and take a souvenir photo with them. A corner to play quoits will also be set up, and plenty of beneficial information related to driving will be provided. Please come to the booth with your family members!

Locations for the booths above can be found here.



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